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Immersive Learning Dojo /ˈdōˌjō/: An immersive environment where agile teams embark on an intensive learning journey that enables teams to make breakthroughs more rapidly and consistently.

‘Product manager’ (PM) and ‘Product Owner’ (PO) are two roles that appear in many organizations which have adopted agile approaches to their work. In SAFe, these roles are distinct, each with specific responsibilities.


The Release Train Engineer (RTE) is a role in the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe). They are responsible for ensuring that the agile release train (the team of agile teams) works well together and follows the SAFe processes.


You will often hear agile teams described as cross-functional or at least aspiring to be. When a team is defending why they haven’t completed something at the end of a sprint and cries “the development is done, we have passed it over to the testers!”, or “it’s just waiting for dev ops to deploy it to production”…someone will often respond with “I thought you were supposed to be a cross-functional team?”.

So, what is a cross-functional team and how would having a truly cross-functional team help address the situation above?


When Takeuchi and Nonaka studied world-leading innovative product teams in the eighties and published their paper "The new product development game" one of the key attributes they identified was self-organizing teams.

They proposed that a group possesses a self-organizing capability when it exhibits three conditions: autonomy, self-transcendence, and cross-fertilization.


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