When you have to prioritize a list of requirements from different stakeholders or customers, you can choose from many different methods. One popular method, advocated by lean-agile approaches such as SAFe®, is weighted shortest job first (WSJF).

WSJF is an approach that gives preference to items that provide the most economic impact in the shortest duration.


When you want to express a requirement for functionality in SAFe, you can use stories, features, capabilities and epics. When is each of these used? What level of detail do they contain? And, who has content authority for them?

In the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), there are regular events (meetings) at different levels. What are they, who should attend, and what is their purpose?


‘Product manager’ (PM) and ‘Product Owner’ (PO) are two roles that appear in many organizations which have adopted agile approaches to their work. In SAFe, these roles are distinct, each with specific responsibilities.


The Release Train Engineer (RTE) is a role in the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe). They are responsible for ensuring that the agile release train (the team of agile teams) works well together and follows the SAFe processes.


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