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Lean Coffee Dojo Talk
Any and all topics related to Dojos in the Agile, Product, or Technical space are welcomed.
November 30, 2021
10:30-11:30 CDT | 11:30-12:30 EDT
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Mural Board
Add your topics any time before the session on this Mural board for us to discuss in the session!
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Jess Brock - Dojo Coach
Jess Brock - Dojo Coach
Jess has led over 15 immersive learning Dojo engagements across sectors and geographies. This includes in-person and virtual Dojo facilitation. To say that Jess is fanatical about the impact of Dojos in the business context is an understatement.
Dojo Participants
We're joined by actual Dojo participants who have gone through the Dojo workshop to provide their insights about the Dojo!
Michaela Dojo Participant

Major Large Retailer - Participant of the Spark Dojo

Lizzy - Dojo Participant

Major Large Retailer - Participant of the Spark Dojo

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