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SAFe for ambitious SMEs

In association with Scaled Agile

October 19, 2021 - Part 1
November 2, 2021 - Part 2
8:30-9:30 PDT | 10:30 - 11:30 CDT | 11:30 - 12:30 EDT


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In this 2 part FAQs LIVE special we will be joined by Scaled Agile Fellow Harry Koehnemann to share experiences in helping growing organizations that have hit upon a great idea, and now need to grow beyond the SME stage without tearing the company apart.

Part 1
Growing pains

We’ve worked with many organizations at the stage where things are happening, business is expanding, and the teams are scaling up. We’ll share some examples and highlight some things to watch out for.

Channelling the creative energy

Start-ups and SMEs can be exciting and fun places to be.
A small group of people can be spontaneous and responsive without too much trouble. As the team grows, the same style will likely result in the duplicated effort, unchecked dependencies, and pockets of unrelated innovation. We’ll share some examples of using SAFe to create alignment and coordination in a way that creativity can still flourish.

Part 2
Delivery and Business- Can they get on with each other?

The oldest story in IT is that the business hate funding delivery teams in the face of slipping deadlines, and delivery teams think the business is only in it for the bottom line. We’ll share some insights in the potential for a shared set of outcomes, and some examples of how each side can work with each other as an SME expands.

Finding the next big thing

You’ve proven your initial model and have had some early success, but where will the next idea come from? We’ll highlight the importance of continuous exploration and how an SME can use it to keep the momentum going.

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Meet your Panellist

Jess Brock


Jess is a dynamic agile coach (SPC), technologist, and writer with over 15 years experience in the technology space. In addition to serving as a coach, she has served as a full-stack developer, scrum master, product owner, people leader, instructor, and entrepreneur. Throughout her career Jess has worked closely with organizations (startups to large enterprises) on agility areas such as culture building, technical strategy, and product development and has led multiple Agile Transformations.

Jess has been characterized as a coach who demystifies agile in a way that is approachable by all.


Harry Koehnemann

Scaled Agile

Harry Koehnemann is a SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant at Scaled Agile where he helps organizations build and deliver solutions faster, more predictably, and with high quality. He has decades of experience with product development lifecycle practices including Lean, agile, MBSE, requirements management, quality management, and the related activities necessary to support compliance. Harry is a regular presenter on Lean-Agile topics and engineering practices at agile, engineering, and government conferences.She loves coming up with new team building activities and group facilitation techniques. In her free time, you can find Emily working on her next blog post or learning even more ways to cook eggplants.

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